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Michael Skinkus & Moyuba

(Yoruba Sacred Songs and Rhythms)

This is a band like no other in New Orleans, and perhaps the world.  Percussionist Michael Skinkus founded the group Moyuba in 2002 in order to create a completely new fusion of ancient melodies in a modern jazz context.  For the past seven years the members of Moyuba have composed original music that is based on the traditional songs and Bata drum rhythms used in Nigerian-based Yoruba (called Lukumi in Cuba) ceremonial music that has been preserved for hundreds of years by specially trained ceremonial musicians.


Having received extensive musical training under master religious drummers in Cuba while earning a living playing jazz in New Orleans, Skinkus found himself to be in a unique position to create a fusion of the ancient with the modern in the creation of Moyuba and their original musical compositions.  Music from the “ancient future” is the best way that the music of Moyuba has been described by critics.