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Amelie Prescott  

(Dream Works Story Circle)


Often difficult situations in our lives hold us, tethered, in that moment. In dreams, both day and night, we re-experience the dread of that moment. This has been labeled Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We put this label on returning warriors. Dr. Jeff Andrade, educator in the inner city of Oakland, CA, points out that the youth there never return from the war … they return to it each day as they enter the ‘hood’.

We carry and display symptoms of disconnection, depression, poor self-mage, nightmares, anger. We respond by over eating, over reacting, over use of substances, overt behavior. If we have early childhood abuse we find we were sexualized too young, thus finding difficulty in our adult relationships.

Under our masks, we know our true selves. We need to know that trauma can be healed, that we have the tools within us to not only heal, but to take these poisons and make medicine with them. This means energy trapped in the past can become available to you now in your life.

Many people will not, cannot speak of these past violations. We will use art and poetry and dreaming as your tools for healing. As the release happens many people find their previous habits such as over eating, substance abuse, various addictions, fall away. Each session, of which there are only 6, is followed by bodywork. As traumas are brought into the present they remain in our bodies until released.