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Lisa Cee 



Singing since the age of 4, Lisa discovered her passion early on. Born into a multi-talented, creative family, she was poised from the very beginning to follow her dreams. After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a double degree in Voice and Musical Theatre, Lisa decided to pursue not only theatre, but starting her own band.


Lisa Cee’s love of music is evoked via the pure passion and soul she infuses into her singing: she takes her audience soaring with her until the very last note is played. Lisa believes that soul is the CORE of music. She insists that “many people can sing, but to feel the music and words and convey that to people is all SOUL.”


Being a singer/songwriter has allowed Lisa to write lyrics that she feels people can relate to, and have fun with.


Since 2008, Lisa Cee has been the leader of the house band for the prestigious Gibson and Fender Guitar Lounge at the renowned Sundance Film Festival. This has afforded her the opportunity of playing with some of the most prolific musical stars-the remaining members of The Doors, Billy Gibbons, Sting, John Legend and many more.


Lisa has been compared to the Great Janis Joplin and the sultry Lydia Pense: she relishes the compliment and continues to broadcast her style and sound out to others. Her live show is not to be missed- she is the embodiment of energy, passion and soul- a true entertainer in every sense of the word.