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Enzo Ashar

(Cantorial Prayer)


Enzo Ashar consists of band members Vincenzo Pasquantonio and Judah Moses. 


Vincenzo Pasquantonio first began singing blues from his tree house when he was nine years old. He then joined show choir in school since musical opportunities were limited for 9-year old aspiring blues musicians. Later on in life, he connected with the music of his Jewish roots. Subsequent travels around the world inspired him to further expand his repertoire and he obtained classical vocal training in his early 20s. He is the voice behind "Enzo Ashar" which released an EP titled "Zarco" on All Saints Day of this year. He has toured Italy, Spain and other parts of Europe and has always returned home in New Orleans, which continues to be a constant inspiration. 


Pasquantonio will be accompanied by Judah Moses. Judah, a Niagara Falls Native, spent most of his life touring with various bands of various styles and produced songs for many bands, some of which made their way to movie and entertainment soundtracks. Years ago, Judah fell in love with New Orleans while playing a show here and has been here ever since.