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Siobhán MacMahon (pronounced Shavonne) was born in Dublin, Ireland. She grew up learning stories from Irish mythology but more importantly had a personal relationship with the faeries. Adults never believed her- but she knew the truth.


Although much of the Celtic shamanic traditions have been lost due to Christianity, Siobhán, along with other Irish shamans, has been working with their guides through journeywork and using Irish mythology and anthropology to retrieve the lost traditions for the modern world.


Siobhán's spiritual journey began when she was a child. In her native Ireland she was immersed in Irish Catholicism- more pagan than Rome would ever like to admit. In her late teens she began to explore eastern traditions. By her thirties she realized she could no longer align herself with Roman Catholicism because of its Patriarchal system that denied the Divine Feminine. She also felt that it was inconsistent with the true message of Jesus. Siobhán felt, like many others, that much of his messages were misunderstood and the meanings somewhat lost to history. She also recognized that though special, Jesus was not the only holy messenger.


Siobhán had been doing hatha yoga since her twenties but was introduced to Kundalini yoga in her forties. Passionate about this form of yoga as well as the teachings of Yogi Baghan she went to a teacher training course in the desert. While there she had the shock of her life. Instead of being called to the path of a Kundalini yogi, while sitting alone on top of a plateau in the middle of the desert she heard clearly "you will walk the path of the shaman." And instead of embracing it- like many who are called- she did not want to hear it. She had preconceived ideas about shamanism. In truth she didn't really know what a shaman was.


Nevertheless, Siobhán was called to the path of the shaman. She had amazing experiences over the next several years with the spirits from different traditions- each making it clear that this was her true calling.


Since then she has studied with some of the master shamans of our time, Don Oscar Miro-Quesada and Hank Wesselman, for example. But she is also guided by her own guides who teach her to find her own specific path as a shaman. She does soul clearings, land and property clearings, clearings for domesticated animals, and works as a psychopomp. She also does soul retrieval, extractions and depossession work. Though, Siobhán will be the first to tell you that many times she is present to hold the space while her guides do the actual work. She also has become skilled at teaching others shamanic skills in either personal or group settings, and helps them process their experiences with competence, compassion, and joy.