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Volunteer Positions

Performer Greeter

  • Primary role is to greet performers and their guests at the St. Roch door entrance and verify their name against the list provided 

  • Ensure performers and guests have wristbands

  • Show performers to the Green Room and assist with instruments 

  • Act as stage hands to assist performers in setting up and taking down equipment 

Green Room Attendant

  • Primary role is to greet and assist artists in the Green Room and man the door, only allowing individuals with wristbands to enter

Swag Booth

  • Primary role is to staff the Swag Booth

  • Keep track of merchandise inventory and money

  • Assist in reconciling the inventory list against total sales 

Candle Altar/Swag Booth

  • Primary Role is to light candles on the altar as needed

  • Can also help staff in the Swag Booth

Floor Walkers/Security 

  • Primary role to walk around building and ensure smooth flow of the festival 

  • Volunteers may act as floor walkers to assist custodial services with removing trash bags, making sure general areas are kept clean and providing minor security between patrons



  • Primary role is to come in and set up NOHC for the Sacred Music Festival



  • Primary role is to clean up NOHC after the Sacred Music Festival has come to a close

2020 New Orleans Sacred Music Festival - March 21 - New Orleans Healing Center - Music Against Hate